Eye Sex

l’m feeling centered lately.  I’m not sure the exact moment happened, but I feel calm for the first time in months.  I’ve let go of my anxiety, anger, and helplessness.  By no means is my life perfect, but I’m really starting to enjoy every aspect of it.  For the last few months I was consumed by my anxiety, to the point that it was changing me physically. That’s not healthy, for anyone. 

I wrote earlier about connections, and how they’re important to me. One thing that I’ve always struggled with is eye contact. It can be really off putting if the person you’re speaking to isn’t looking into your eyes. Meegan coined the term “eye sex” and that has really helped me. It’s not sexual in nature, at all. The term is really funny and it has stuck in my brain, so now every time I interact with people I hear “eye sex” in my head. It makes me chuckle and keeps me aware of my focus.  Eye sex is the safest sex in town! You can have multiple partners and not worry about anything! The only (this is  debatable) drawback is that people tend to think you’re really into them. I’m fairly certain that the middle-aged receptionist at my son’s future elementary school thought I was really into her. 

I had a great counseling session yesterday! My counselor told me she could see that I was doing well just by looking at me. She could see the physical change. Again, my anxiety in the past was changing me physically. It was so rewarding to hear that she noticed the change as well.  Now my focus is to keep this progression and only move FORWARD! 



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